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What Can We Help You With Today?

Finding Specs


It’s always a good idea to look at the content now and again to make sure nothing has closed or changed since the content was created.  We don’t recommend attempting to re-write the pages (Google frowns on completely re-written pages and they need to maintain the TourTexas voice, which can be a challenge to duplicate), just update any sections that might not be accurate.

To accomplish updates
  • Copy & paste all landing pages into a word document

  • Use the strikethrough on the copy that needs to be changed.

  • Write in the updated copy then highlight the part you have added

  • Add your notes regarding images you would like switched out. Name the image files accordingly. i.e. Citydogpark.jpg 

This lets the team know exactly what should come out and exactly what should be added to the content


If you have a new section that needs to be added

(something that should be written or requires more than a strikethrough or a tweak to the current copy)

i.e. you’ve opened a new arts district or have a new music festival to put on your events page

  • Write “new section to be added” on the proper page of the document, and provide links to more information and additional info you have. The team will write that portion to be added, ensuring that keywords are included and maintaining the TourTexas voice. 

  • Be sure to highlight “new section to be added” in the document and note it in the Instruction when you upload your document to us.

If you’ll return an edited word doc with your changes and any images you want to add to the content pages (or to the slideshow on your pages) by uploading them to (choose TourTexas as the publisher),  we can generally turn around updates in a few business days. 


Please review the Tour Texas  Checklist  Content Accuracy for other items to look at while ensuring the accuracy of your content – i.e. contact information, logo, links to your social media, etc.

Revising Existing Content
Uploading Content


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