Map Sponsor Banner
What We Need From You!

Example Map Sponsor Banner Ad

  1. 300 x 600 static or animated .gif or .jpeg 

  2. 300 x 250 static or animated .gif or .jpeg 

  3. URL to link to

  • Do use a maximum file size of 60 KB

    • Do not exceed 60 KB total file size 

  • Do use RGB colors only

    • Do not use CYMK colors

Map Sponsor Banners require a mobile version per Google specs
Submissions & Deadlines

 All materials are due the 15th of the month prior to your scheduled run. 

Upload your files by clicking the materials upload button or go to materials.ajrmediagroup.com

Animated .GIF File Specifications:

  • Animation must be 15 seconds or shorter

  • Animation can be looped but must stop after 15 seconds

  • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FPS

  • Files may not include Sound

  • Files may not include jarring, flashing, or strobe effects or animations

  • All ads must have at least a one - pixel border

Third Party Tracking Pixels?

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