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What We Need From You!
Submissions & Deadlines

 All materials are due the 15th of the month prior to your scheduled run. 

Upload your files by clicking the materials upload button or go to materials.ajrmediagroup.com

  1. 728 x 90 static or animated .gif or .jpeg 

  2. 320 x 50 static or animated .gif or .jpeg 

  3. URL to link to

  • Do use a maximum file size of 150 KB for the
    728 x 90 banner

    • Do not exceed 150 KB total file size for the
      728 x 90 banner

  • Do use a maximum file size of 50 KB for the
    320 x 50 banner 

    • Do not exceed 50 KB total file size for the
      320 x 50 banner 

  • Do use RGB colors only

    • Do not use CYMK colors

*Leaderboard banners require the submission of 2 different sizes of creative in order to accommodate Google specifications for mobile display of ads.  

Example Leaderboard Banner Ad

Third Party Tracking Pixels?

Animated .GIF File Specifications:

  • Animation must be 15 seconds or shorter

  • Animation can be looped but must stop after 15 seconds

  • Animated GIF ads must be slower than 5 FPS

  • Files may not include Sound

  • Files may not include jarring, flashing, or strobe effects or animations

  • All ads must have at least a one - pixel border

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