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Tracking Pixels:

In order to accommodate 3rd party tracking pixels on, all the assets (including the UTM/URL, the ad itself and the tracking pixels) must be hosted and  provided in an iframe format.  All corresponding URLs must be https.  Below is an example:


Reference Sample: <iframe src="[timestamp]&ifrm=2" width=300 height=600 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0  scrolling=no bordercolor="#000000">



If you don’t currently have the resources available to generate these, the AJR Production team can create them for you.  The cost is $110 per ad and does require some time to turn the request around.  Requests for generation of iframes and approval of the added investment may be made when your assets are uploaded to:  Any materials and requested received beyond the deadline may result in delays in your ad appearing on the site, in order to account for the time required to generate the iframe.


NOTE: While we can track impressions for your iframe, we cannot track activity within your iframe – which includes clicks on your ad.  If you choose to use the iframe, you will need to refer to your third party tracking results to show clicks to your ad. 

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