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Due Date
  • Please note all creative is required on the 15th of the month prior to the send date. This is to ensure there is enough time to upload the content, run relevant test sends through multiple emails clients, complete quality checks and receive sign off. (i.e. if your email is slated to go out on March 15th, your materials are due on February 1st)

Design Revisions
  • Test send
    You will receive one test email prior to deployment

  • Minor revision round
    You may provide one round of minor revisions
    NOTE: we can only make changes to the HTML file, not images

  • Approval must be received via email within 5 business days of deployment

HTML & CSS Requirements
  • Images
    • Do host all images externally

      • TourTexas does not host images

    • Do use alt descriptions for all images

    • Do use JPEG format for photography

    • Do not use animated GIFs 

      • Do use background colors instead

    • Do use links with absolute references

      • Do not use truncated links​

  • CSS/Styling

    • Do use inline styles only

      • Do not use global CSS selectors 

    • Do use HEX color codes

      • Do not use RGB codes​

    • Do not use


  1. Java

  2. Javascript

  3. Forms

  4. framesActiveX

  5. Flash

  • HTML​​​ file

    • Do use maximum copy/verbiage of 400 words

    • Do use a maximum design width of 650 pixels

    • Do use URLs with absolute references

      • Do not use truncated links​

    • 3rd party tracking must be coded into the HTML file

    • Total File size: less than 200 KB

In Brief ...

Uploading Creative
  • Required Materials uploaded to https:/ 
    Choose Publisher: i.e.TourTexas

    Include with HTML file

    1. Subject Line

    2. List of internal email addresses to include in the send (up to 20)

    3. List of internal leads (up to 5,000 subscribers)

    4. List of opt-out/suppression list to include in the send

Please make sure none of these trigger words are included in your copy or we won’t be able to send your email.

>> Click here to view full specs

Delayed approvals, failure to follow guidelines above and/or incomplete or improper HTML submissions may result in deployment delays.​

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