For more than 25 years, AJR has worked closely with our ad agency partners to achieve their marketing and advertising goals for their clients. Our experience and understanding of digital media and marketing is our foundation. From programmatic to digital direct to social to search, our capabilities are ready to help serve your clients with the best digital solutions possible.

We are TECH AGNOSTIC as we are not beholden to one Programmatic DSP and DMP or any digital format and can leverage years of experience to determine which technology platform will provide the best solution. Each tech platform has different reporting capabilities and different algorithms, which allows for better campaign performance.

We provide EXPERTISE IN INTERNATIONAL MEDIA reach with a team that has collectively more than 120 years of experience planning & buying of digital media in 100+ countries. AJR has strategic alliances with premium publishers and direct preferred access to targeted media across all digital formats. We also offer in-depth coverage of Canadian media outlets.

We offer SPECIALITY AUDIENCES OF 1ST PARTY DATA from relationships with over 4,000 retailers with a view of 75+ million online and offline transactions every single day. Through our DMP we’ve deterministically identified 200 million consumers via real credit card transactions (not via 3rd party cookies) in reaching consumers across all their devices.

We offer extensive DATA INSIGHTS with attribution tracking and reporting for proof of in-market & in-store visitation by those that have been exposed to or engaged with your client’s advertising. DASHBOARD ACCESS IS 24/7 with monthly and end of campaign data reports as part of our service.

Let us help you expand your agency’s service offerings by adding our digital services to your suite of marketing solutions.